After a year we can all agree was more than a little “unusual,” we wrapped things up on Christmas Eve and retreated to enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Usually, we’d be reopening on Dec. 26 and be running a post-Christmas sale but this year we’ve opted to call it a day (for this year) and remained closed through the rest of 2020. We’re mulling reopening in the off-season by appointment only, but plans are not definite yet. If you might be traveling through our nek of the woods over the winter, we advise calling 802-362-2516, our main phone number, and leave a message (we’ll be checking regularly), or send an email to and we can coordinate.

Meanwhile, stay safe, and hopefully as the COVID vaccines become more widely distributed we’ll put this pandemic business behind us. But until then, let’s be smart about what needs to be done. Wash your hands, wear a mask, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a new, different, and hopefully way better year!