As you may have seen from the pop ups, or on some of our social media posts, we’re inching our way back into regular business hours and operations as we emerge (we hope) out of the pandemic and its impact on business. Here in Vermont, we’ve been fortunate – we’ve had about the lowest level of infections and cases of any state in the nation on a per capita basis, and folks are being smart about following some of the basic guidelines to minimize the spread of the virus. We encourage everyone to do four simple things – wear a facemask when you’re out in public, wash your hands a lot, maintain social distancing and stay home if you’re not feeling well.

We’re hoping to be back in the full swing of things by Labor Day weekend, but for now, the appointment route seems to be working well. Just give a phone call (802-362-2516), or send an email ( or drop us a line from our Facebook page, and we’ll get you set up. We’re now able to run the shop at 50% of firecode capacity, which translates into about 20 people, so what are you waiting for?

We’re all looking forward to having this over with, the sooner the better. But we’re navigating our way through it, and we all have a role to play. Stay safe, be smart, think of your neighbors, and we’ll be looking back in amazement down the road a piece.

Meanwhile, we’re open!