Hello again everyone. Normally by this time we’d be back in action following a roughly monthlong break when we’d be off to a couple of gift shows to check out the new merchandise for the coming year. Linda did head down to Atlanta and New York to check out the new products that were coming on market and placed orders for some items we’re looking forward to offering this coming year.

But another project that’s been on the back burner for a little while leapt to the forefront as we realized there was an opportunity to cash in on some incentives to upgrade our heating and cooling systems to modernize them. Our old oil furnace was finally showing its age and before worse came to worst – and also mindful that in a small way we could play our part in helping reduce carbon emissions and move towards a greener planet – we decided to replace both with a heat/cooling pump system that will hopefully function well on a practical level as well as reduce those carbon emissions mentioned a moment ago.

I recently joined our towns newly formed energy committee, and we’ve been working on trying to lay the groundwork for getting the municipality more energy efficient and “greener.” That’s a huge subject about which much has written and discussed, and here in Vermont we have two items (at least) that have drawn some interest, locally and statewode – the Transportation and Climate Initiative Act, a proposed 12 state combination, and the Global Warming Solution Act, currently before the state legislature. Both have a long way to go. But just as we’ve supported responsible measures to move towards a greener and cleaner energy/environment situation over the years, and on a personal level have gotten into intensive recycling and composting in recent years, so we felt it was time to up our game at the shop.Plus the state of Vermont, through Efficiency Vermont, are offering some great incentives or rebates to encourage folks like us to upgrade to more modern technology. So cost-wise it made sense, as well as big picture sense.

But, that came at a cost of not being open this President’s Weekend like we originally planned (and like we normally do), and it was hard to watch some cars pull in and then turn around.

Just one of those things.

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated and hopefully, as in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be open again and back in action. You’ll be the first to know.

Thanks for your patience.