It’s February 2, or Ground Hog Day, and Super Bowl Sunday to boot, but here in Sunderland, Vermont, it’s another quiet, peaceful afternoon when the quietude of the season brings a certain inner pleasure of calmness and a peaceful easy feeling, as The Eagles used to sing.

After the holiday season ends, things slow down for us here at the shop. We close completely for about a month, usually between Martin Luther King Day and President’s Weekend, although this year our re-opening may be delayed due to to some renovation work. We’ll see.

It’s not as if we completely burrow into our bubble world. There are buying trips to be made to acquire the merchandise some of you will hopefully stop by and purchase in the months ahead. And there are other projects that got put on back burner that finally get their overdue attention. Oh – and taxes, lest we forget.

But mostly it’s quiet, and there’s a certain magic and pleasure from that, especially when the snow is not falling and the snowblower summons us. The already snow-covered fields and hills are beautiful and make you realize what a special place Vermont is. We’ll take this opportunity to suggest that those of you who may be relocating consider coming here. That’s what our state government is concerned about as we age as a collective state population and incentives dangled to entice folks to come here. Especially young folks.

In this moment of peace and quiet we start a re-boot of our Christmas Chronicle blog again – we’ve pushed this along in fits and starts over the past few years and always when the summer and fall roll around it just has seemed like one more task too many. But, we don’t give up, and here we go again.

I want to write not just about our shop and the pleasures you can snag by shopping here, but about our town, our area, and state. There’s some fascinating history to be found, as well as other interesting businesses worth exploring. And with out annual Town Meetings barely a month away, all sorts of interesting local issues and questions to be decided.

So stay tuned. We’re back. Hopefully every weekend. See ya.