A few years ago I started a blog – two actually – one about our business and one a personal one.

The personal one didn’t last long – pressures from work and other demands on my time meant “Running Down A Dream,” the title of that one got only a couple of entries, mostly about running, which I was deeply into at the time.

The business one was called “Christmas Days 360 plus 5” and got a little more attention. I thought it was a catchy title – we did Christmas at Christmas Days fully and completely, 360 degrees, every day of the year.

But time and other demands took their toll and that went on hold, until I got back into blogging when we rebuilt this incarnation of the website and I went back to an earlier newsletter we used to publish 2 or 3 times a year back in the early to mid-nineties when hard copy newsletters were still the state of the art. My goal with this blog is to build it up to a news letter and keep you up to date on what’s going on, with feature stories and travelers’s tips – because southwestern Vermont is a cool area and there’s lots to see and do here.

As I mentioned in another post recently, I’ve gotten re-engaged with local history. I’ve never been too far from it, with history being a lifelong interest and curiosity. And everyplace has its bits of interesting things about it, and Sunderland, Arlington and Manchester are no different. So I’ll try to mix that in with the other attractions of the area, of which there are many. Right now of course, skiing is a focus, and the conditions we’re learning, are great. So if skiing, whether Alpine or Cross country, Vermont is the place to be. Soon it will be maple syrup. Then some of the local arts and cultural organizations will swing into gear. And of course there’s always great shopping!

See you soon.