In case you missed it — miss it no longer – a really nice article about our shop has appeared in the Holiday Issue of Stratton Magazine

and if you click on that link you’ll find a story about our shop and our upcoming 50th anniversary year of operation.

It’s hard to believe five decades have past since my in-laws, Vi and Bill Day, opened this shop on July 4, 1969. Neil Armstrong was about to land on the moon, the Vietnam War was raging and Woodstock was a month away. The Age of Aquarius indeed.

So obviously we’ll be talking a lot about the milestone year (which happens to coincide with Linda and Andrew’s – the current owners – 50th anniversary of graduating high school); Linda from Burr and Burton and Andrew from Mt. Anthony Union High School in Bennington. Talk about interesting years.

We’ll be revisiting the start of the shop, what got it started, the early years at The Enchanted Doll House, the opening of our current building in 1972, the transition from The Christmas Dove, as we were first known, to Christmas Days, which occurred in the early 1980s.

Since 1987, Linda and I have been running the shop and it’s still hard to wrap our heads around the fact we’ve been doing this for longer than Bill and Vi, who will always personify a big chunk of the identity of the shop. We got a running start thanks to the legacy of Bill and Vi.

And since then there’s been all the ups and downs we’ve all gone through. We’re grateful we’re still here, still healthy, and still determined to offer an authentic retail experience that’s different from what you’d get from Amazon or online retailing. Customer service has always been emphasized here and more so than ever, that’s what makes retailers like us distinct and competitive.

Santa with the family on one of his annual visits

So hold on and prepare to hear a lot about our 50th in coming posts! It will be a chance to weave together past and present.