All of a sudden, it’s that time of year again.

By that we mean Fall, when the summer sun is fading and the leaves are sweetly turning, as the old song goes. Only a few weeks ago, the surrounding mountains were an unbroken sea of green. Now, not so much. A little mottling here and there along the hillsides is apparent, and some of the ones up close are turning yellow and red and all the other colors of the year, making for, as always, a perfect time to visit Vermont, if you’re not here already.

It’s also the time of year when more cars pour into the parking lot (yay!) and the shop gets as busy as it’s likely to get until Thanksgiving weekend. So while we’re pretty well set inventory-wise, a few lines are selling out. Sad to see going are the last of our Lynn Haney Santas and the Pipka Collection of ceramic Santa figurines. Both were really popular with ourcustomers for a couple of decades or more, but the makers are either retiring or closing. Fortunately there is always more newer products to bring in, and the last couple of weeks have seen more than a couple of truckloads roll in. Apologies for the cartons along the back wall as we processed those.

But of course one of the big reasons to pencil in a trip to our neck of the woods this fall is the annual visit of Santa, who’ll be making his 28th consecutive appearance here. Little kids are dazzled, and even the “big kids” waiting out by the tent where Santa meets his friends are pretty impressed. Alway a great photo or video opportunity for every family. I’m sure plenty of Christmas cards were started here.

There are craft fairs and other special events to enjoy while you’re in the neighborhood. If you’re driving down our stretch of Route 7A between Manchester and Arlington, be sure to stop in. Like us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, and check out our website at