One of the things we hope to highlight on these pages are new and interesting products that keep arriving to help you bring new creative twists and looks to your holiday decorating. One of them is these new tree lights from Roman, Inc., a company we’ve been buying from for over 40 years. They’ve come up with a set of tree lights that blink on and off at different speeds (or stay on continuously), a timer and a USB connector that allows you to use them in a lot of places besides your Christmas tree.

We highlighted this on one of our Facebook posts and you can find it here:


You can get them in lengths of 500 lights (good for a five foot tall tree), 750 lights for a 7 footer, or 1500 for a nine-foot one. They come as LED lights, so they are energy efficient to boot.

As we go on we’ll attempt to highlight more new and unusual products that will make your decorating experience – for yourself, family and friends – a special one. At Christmas Days we are always looking to add new pieces to supplement the traditional lines we carry, like ornaments and tabletop decor from Santas to nativities. And the passage of time means some lines wax and wane so it’s part of the mission to hit the refresh button every now and then.