One of the things we used to enjoy highlighting in our newsletters back in the era before websites, blogs and social media were all the activities you could enjoy while cruising the Green Mountain State, with a special eye as to what you could do here, in our corner of it. Bennington County has a lot to offer the traveler or day tripper. We have historical sites dating back to the Revolutionary era, covered bridges and stunning scenery, but there’s also a lot of activities, special events, theatrical productions, art galleries and exhibits – to say nothing of the four-season long outdoor recreational possibilities. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter, to running, walking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking and whatever else the other three seasons, if that’s your thing, you’ll find it here.

For instance, this weekend is the Wanderlust Yoga Festival up at Stratton, and a nifty 8 hour long concert of local bands scheduled for Arlington. And so much more.

Here are a couple of websites that offer information on local events that are coming up for you to plan your trip around:

As I get further along with this blog and re-birth of Christmas Chronicles, I’ll try to make it easier to find out about events in our area, but this will have to do for now.

There’s really almost too much to keep track of, especially this time of year, but here are a couple of cool events we think you might enjoy, in between ducking in and out of Christmas Days (of course) and getting your shopping done. And on that note, there are some pretty neat other independently owned shops and stores for almost any interest around the area as well – plenty to build a packed visit around, if that’s your goal.

Or just mellow out relaxing and staring at the mountains and finding your bliss or serenity. Nothing wrong with that, is there?