Back in 2010, we went through an upgrade in our technology and invested in some new computer gear. Along with a new laptop came a video camera to replace the old and now obsolete one we’d used since the late 1980s to shoot family movies and events, and recorded such things on cassettes. Now we were into the era of SD cards and online “cloud” backups. Or so it seemed for awhile.

We set up a Youtube channel which still exists  – – and I shot a couple of videos which got a few views but was unable to keep it up. Life intervened, other things took priority, and with limited time and interest to market this along with our other online endeavors, it sagged into irrelevance.

Until now. About 18 months ago, I took on a new job at a local community access TV station. Community Access Television is a fascinating world and one I’m sure I’ll blog about, but the link here is that it reawakened thoughts of that  old YouTube activity and how I should get virally (we hope) video-active again.

Out came that now 7 year-old video camera, still as good as new and fun to use. Of course, in the fullness of time, we now have iPhones, which are even easier to shoot simple, short videos like this one, that I shot earlier this morning – a quick scan of one of our decorated trees. You can watch it here  –

Which conveniently takes you to our new YouTube page, which I’m trying hard to link with the old one. No luck yet. Meanwhile, here’s what we have so far in the world of Christmas Days meets YouTube 2.0. We’re calling it Christmas Days in Vermont.

I’ll try to keep adding new videos regularly and hope you enjoy the new movies.

That’s a WRAP!