Hello all – We’re back in the blogging business as well. From here we hope to make periodic updates on what’s going on in our shop, the area (giving you more reasons to visit if you’re not already one of the locals) and comments on cool and clever things we’ve come across and want to share. We did a blog for awhile at http://xmasdays.blogspot.com – reading over some of the old posts from yesteryear — and not really all that long ago — makes you appreciate all that you do and marvel at how quickly it all seems to recede into the past so quickly.

So we’re off to the start of a new year. Let’s hope it will be one of peace, satisfaction, contentment and accomplishment. We’ll look forward to seeing you all down the road. We’ll be open for another couple of weeks before shutting down for our winter break. We’ll be keeping you informed of that here plus on social media. If you aren’t already a “friend” on Facebook, we invite you to become one!