Lights are the Key to a Fabulous Tree

The most important element when decorating your Christmas Tree is frequently the one that gets the least attention -- The Lights. The key to a fabulous Christmas Tree is a well-lit tree.

Plan on using a minimum of 100 lights per foot of tree. For real pizazz use even more. Begin your lights at the trunk or the very top and extend them out to the tip of the branch on e one side and then back to the other side o the trunk. Continue this way for the entire tree. Do not cross to the next branch at the tip of the branch or your cord and ornaments will not hang properly.

It is important that your tree be lit back to the trunk since this will give real dimension to your tree when you finish decorating.

We have been showing this method to our customers for years and we have heard all the groaning. Yes, it does take some extra time but they return the next year to tell us what a difference it makes. Every ornament will be enhanced and your tree will be a showpiece.