About Us


In July of 1969, a new business opened in Manchester, Vermont. Operating out of two rooms rented from the Enchanted Dollhouse, The Christmas Dove was born. William and Violet Day had realized the dream of owning their own business. With help from their children Ted, Bob and Linda, they had started what was one of the first shops in Vermont -- if not the entire region -- whose primary purpose was to sell Christmas collectibles, ornaments and decorations. This idea was fairly novel back then. Bill and Vi were among the first to see the possibility of a store which sold Christmas items all year round. Since then, of course, many other stores have seized upon the same idea. But at Christmas Days we know you will discover a very special experience in a store that celebrates Christmas every day.

After three more years at the Enchanted Doll House, the business needed more space to grow. The present home of Christmas Days, still known as the Christmas Dove, was constructed in Sunderland, six miles south of Manchester. In 1980 the name of the shop changed to Christmas Days, and in 1987 Bill and Vi retired. They sold the business to their daughter Linda and her husband Andrew. In 1995 the shop was expanded to offer more display space for the increasing number of items being offered to a growing list of customers.

Today, Linda and Andrew continue the tradition of personal customer service and value begun by Violet and William Day. In the final analysis, simply growing a business is only part of it. We feel that the way in which we get there is as important as the destination. We try to be fair and reasonable to everyone. We hope that the fact that so many of you come back again and again is testimony that we get it right at least some of the time. We want to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, for without you there would be no Christmas Days. If this is your first contact with our shop, then may we extend our most gracious welcome! We hope there are some things here you will find interesting. If not, let us know what you're looking for. Most of all, we hope you will pay us a visit in person. We have so much more to show you than we can display on our site. Vermont, like Christmas, is magical all year round.